In the spotlight with Lauren Greene



As today is International Women’s Day, A Liverpool Mum speaks to one of the many inspirational mothers in Merseyside on how she juggles parenthood with running her own successful business!

Once, Lauren Greene was so career driven that she never imagined she’d become a parent. But now she’s mum to two-year-old Carter whilst running her own company and is loving every second!

The 30-year-old from Crosby is the managing director of Chic PR & Events, an exclusive North West-based company specialising in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

And although she admits it can be exhausting, one thing Lauren certainly doesn’t lack is drive and energy.

In fact, the former pupil at Sacred Heart High School, couldn’t wait to leave school get a job.

She admitted: “I got 11 GCSEs in school but I left at 16 because I hated being in a classroom and always wanted to go out and work.”

“I always wanted to be a lawyer but I didn’t want to go to university full time as I wanted to make money. So,I applied for a job in a law firm and worked my way up from an admin assistant.

“After a year, I applied to do an access course to study to become a solicitor. I studied for five years at law school for three evenings a week, as well as working at Weightmans corporate law firm. This gave me the experience both in education and the workplace.

“I worked my way up in the law firm pretty quickly, as I’ve always been really ambitious, and soon became a commercial employment paralegal managing my own caseload and attending tribunals.

“But I am always looking for the next project/challenge so whilst doing this, I started organising my own events company with a friend of mine. The events became a massive success and I began building a wide network across the UK and overseas.”

Lauren decided to leave the legal world to follow her passion and has never looked back.

She said: “I spent a couple of years travelling and running events and it was one of the best times of my life. The events took us all over the UK and Europe from Manchester to London and Ibiza to Marbella.”

Through her events, Lauren, the creator of the hugely successful North West Fashion Festival, noticed a big demand for networking events and created the Chic PR brand.

She revealed: “I wanted to help people grow their business by linking the right people together. We started running our events across the North West focusing on the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, the success of the company  then led me to be able to take on a full team of creatives under the Chic brand and offer both event management and PR services.”

Now Lauren has two offices, one in Liverpool, based in the Secret Warehouse and one Cheshire base in Hale.

She said: “We have a talented team of five staff, all bringing different skills to the business which enables us to offer an overall service and basically act as a one-stop-shop for all our clients’ requirements, including graphic design, photography, website building, branding, press, celebrity endorsement, event planning and management, product placement, marketing strategy, social media management and much more.”

Lauren took a little time out to give birth to her son in April 2015, much to the surprise of her nearest and dearest.

She smiled: “I don’t think any of my family or friends could imagine me as a mum before I had Carter because I was always so career driven, but I knew I would adapt just fine.

“I went back to work after a week, obviously only working from home, but that’s just part of having your own business – there is not cut off point.

“When he was a little baby, I used to take him to photo shoots with me and have him on a sling while I directed the shoot – everyone thought I was nuts – haha!

“Even now I bring him to work with me sometimes but a two-year-old is not as easy as a new born!”

At the moment, Lauren is very busy working on some exciting new projects. She revealed: “We have taken on a huge brand Arvina, which is made up of three different businesses and has many more in the pipeline. We’re currently planning the launch of the VIP club in Cheshire and an exciting new wig brand.

“We also have a few cosmetic clinics across the North West including Dawn Ward’s Clinic Skulpt and Intimate you, a vaginal rejuvenation clinic which is an interesting one!

“Plus we’re planning a high profile wedding taking place in the summer, and putting dates in the diary for some of Chic own networking events.”

Running her own business has been a huge learning curve for Lauren, who confides: “What I’ve learned is that it’s full of ups and downs on a daily basis and so many times you will want to give up.

“I’ve also learned that you will never please everybody – no matter how hard you try – but if you are following your passion and do a job you love, it is so rewarding and it won’t feel like work.”

With such drive and determination, it’s hardly surprising Lauren won Best Newcomer of the Year Award at Downtown’s Women in Business ceremony in 2016.

She said: “It was an amazing achievement for me. It’s nice to be recognised for all your hard work, especially when we spend so much time building up everyone else’s business.”

Lauren aims to carry on providing the best service possible to her clients, building the Chic brand and have some exciting new services and partnerships coming up for 2018 but above all, her most important job is being a mum.

“It’s the best feeling in the world!” Lauren smiled.

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