Merseyside mum set to franchise successful placenta pills business

After suffering from crippling post-natal depression, a Merseyside mum turned to placenta pills to help her feel well again. 

 And now the mother of three is spreading the word on their health benefits with her highly successful business, Placenta Plus. 

 The businesswoman who started a celebrity trend for placenta pills after childbirth is set to franchise her company across the globe.  

Danielle Kinney, whose services attracted star-studded clients like Coleen Rooney, singer Rochelle Humes and and I’m A Celeb favourite Rebekah Vardy, is offering people the chance to buy into her sought-after brand, Placenta Plus. 

The 33-year-old from St Helens, Merseyside, discovered placenta pills after suffering from post-natal depression. It is believed that they return the body’s natural hormones which go into the placenta during pregnancy:  

She explained: “Taking the capsules helps the body to get itself balanced again, helping new mums regain energy, sleep better, get back their figure and, crucially, avoid post-natal depression.”  

The capsules are made by putting the placenta on ice in a cooler box as soon as possible after a woman has given birth, transporting it to a sterile area, cleaning it, checking it for abnormalities and then cutting it into fine slices with a sharp knife.  

It is then put into a dehydration machine for 15 hours, dried out and ground down into a powder before being put into capsules or, even, added to organic-based skincare products.  

After being able to find anyone to do it for her locally, Danielle decided to have a go at making them herself after she gave birth to her third baby, Harry. This led to her creating them for others and her services were soon in demand. 

However, the cost of the human tissue transport services to carry the placentas to Danielle are high, which is why she decided to offer her business as a franchise so others can offer the Placenta Plus service in their areas, thus reducing costs and making it more accessible and affordable.

Danielle explained: “I started this business to help women but cost and distance meant it wasn’t available to many and that got to me.  

“I had people in Ireland, Scotland and London saying they would love to use Placenta Plus but couldn’t afford the fee which could be doubled by the distance.  

“I have even had phone calls from people all over the world, from America, Australia, China and elsewhere, asking me for what I do and what I offer but I can only be in one place at one time.  That devastated me, so I decided to look into it. 

“By offering franchises, I can help other people offer those services with the same standards and quality that I provide already – and I will remain on call to all of them 24-hours a day.”  

Three people are already in legal negotiations to buy franchises which will be split into territories and will start from £55,000 which includes the name, the expertise and the lab kit needed to provide the service. The licence will last for five years.  

Danielle concluded: “I have gone from being a stay-at-home mum to a successful businesswoman and I am proud, both of what I have achieved, now, of helping others to provide the high-quality services I started. ”

But she admits, franchising her brand is a little nerve-racking. Danielle said: “It’s a bit like having a baby and then taking them to school for the first time, letting them go, but I will regain control and it ensures that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy superior placenta products.”  

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