Liverpool mum has helping hand to lose her ‘mum tum’ with non-invasive tummy tuck

Summer will soon be upon us – a time when the fashion and beauty mags harp on about being “bikini body ready.” No pressure there then…

After two emergency caesareans, my post baby body is so not ready to be given a public airing. In fact, the only thing I feel confident about wearing is a beach hut!

Ok – it’s been seven years since having my last baby – plenty of time, you might think, to shed the ‘mum tum.’

But despite several attempts at Slimming World and lunchbreak power walks – I’ve still a lot to lose before the bikini replaces the burkini in my top drawer.

Being a full-time working mum, juggling work, school, homework, ferrying kids to various activities, I just find it so hard to fit in preparing fresh healthy food from scratch and trips to the gym every night. I do try but there are some nights when only Domino’s pizzas will do.

So the Mum Tum remains in its full rounded glory – not to mention the dreaded C-section ‘overhang.’

If I was rich and famous, I’d probably have a personal trainer and dietician to whip me into shape, or failing that, I’d opt for some liposuction or a tummy tuck. But sadly, I’m not. However, I have found a solution which is both accessible and affordable for non-celebs like me.

Don’t judge me, but I recently turned to Liverpool Lipo for a little helping hand. This city centre clinic is a pioneer in fat-freezing treatments with a huge list of blubber busting solutions.

And the beauty is – they’re non-invasive – so no need to go under the knife – and affordable too.

With the summer season fast approaching, I decided to take the bull by the horns and headed to the clinic on Rodney Street, the city’s aesthetic quarter and ‘Harley Street of the North,’ to see what they could do for me.

This elegant clinic suggested their pioneering 4 Point Tummy Tuck treatment could help to sculpt my problem areas – mainly my mum tum and ‘muffin top.’

After a thorough consultation, my lovely therapist Ashley led me to the treatment room. She took my measurements before inviting me to lie on the bed. To my relief, I didn’t have to strip off, just lower my jeans so my stomach was visible.

Then she set to work. First, she performed radiofrequency skin tightening and cavi-shock – a combination of cavitation and shockwave therapy on my hips and lower and upper abdomen. It was a similar to  having an ultrasound scan.

This involved rolling a device over my stomach for around 20 minutes which apparently tightens, contours and kills fat cells. I was expecting it to hurt but it didn’t at all – there was a weird high pitched noise – but apart from that, it felt comfortable and relaxing.

I was then asked to turn over onto my front. Ashley placed suction cups on my love handles and performed the Lipo freeze treatment – the clinic’s signature, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. This cools the fat in problem areas to -6 °C to crystalise it – then the body expels it leaving a more streamlined silhouette.

It felt cold and tingly, like pins and needles at first, but then it wore off – I just had to lie there for 45 minutes while the treatment worked its magic and I actually felt so relaxed, I had a little snooze. (Hope I didn’t snore!)

Apparently, clients lose around 20-40% of fat cells from the first treatment alone – which don’t grow back. Following my first treatment, Ashley measured me and I had lost nearly two inches!

A course of treatments is recommended, but I was delighted to see and feel the results after just one. My hips and belly really did feel smoother, tighter and altogether slimmer.

The treatment took around two and a half hours altogether. I was advised to drink two litres of water a day as well as exercising and following a healthier diet to experience the full effects which are achieved over 12 weeks – I can’t wait to measure myself in a few weeks’ time.

And maybe, just maybe, I will invest in some new swimwear, maybe not a bikini just yet but we could start with a tankini perhaps?

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