Liverpool dad Sam Avery will give birth to his first book this autumn

Liverpool dad Sam Avery will give birth to his first book this autumn!

The stand-up comedian has turned his hilarious blog about being a first-time dad of twins into a book which will be published on 19 October.

Sam’s brilliantly funny book is based on his award-winning blog – the Learner Parent – which he started when his twin boys were born. Within months he had won Best New Blog at the MAD awards and saw the devoted following to his Facebook page, which he updates regularly, sky rocket (currently 100k followers). He has been featured in the Mail online, the Lad Bible, Netmums and the Liverpool Echo and makes regular appearances on 5 Live and BBC 6 Music.

Sam Avery Liverpool dad

A million nappies, Peppa Pig episodes and a lot less sleep later, he shares all the lows, highs and hilarious in-betweens of his experiences of first-time parenthood in his highly anticipated debut book – Confessions of a Learner Parent.

Sam’s honest, messy and laugh-out-loud account of trying for a baby (which transpired to be babies) and figuring out what to do with them once they arrived, right up to the toddler years of talking, walking and tantrum-ing, will have you crying with laughter between your own nappy changes and nursery runs.

Book editor Emily Barrett, said: “I am ecstatic to be publishing Sam’s book; not only is he a brilliant writer and absolutely hilarious (I’ve never laughed out loud so many times when reading a blog), his story about his two boys is so relatable and honest – something that his legions of Facebook fans, along with the national and regional press, continually attest to.”
“He is a brilliant addition to the Seven Dials list and the parenting genre in general, and I cannot wait to get his book into the world.”

Sam added: “In my wildest dreams I never thought that what started off as a simple way of remembering key moments with my kids would evolve into an actual book.
“When my wife was pregnant I swore I’d never be one of those parents who over shared stuff about their kids on social media but look at me now! It’s clear that when my kids were born, I didn’t just become a parent, I also became a hypocrite.”
“I always wanted kids – but then again, I always wanted a loft conversion. Both are pretty easy to put off as they’re very expensive and tend to wreck your house.”

You can find regular posts on Sam’s Facebook page @samaverylearnerparent; download a new episode of his ‘The Learner Parent Podcast’ every Friday on iTunes; and see what’s he up to on his Instagram, @thelearnerparent
Sam will be reading his new book at Waterstones Liverpool One on Thursday, 19th October at 6.30pm. To book tickets visit the website here  or call 0151 709 9820