In the spotlight with Shelley Roe

Liverpool-based wellness entrepreneur’s firm No Excuses Nutrition & Fitness going from strength to strength Shelley Roe looking to spread wellness from nutrition message throughout 2017.

shelley-roeLiverpool mum Shelley Roe has one ambition in 2017 and that’s to help even more mums, dads and the general public across the city become aware of the power of nutrition in their family’s health.

Mum of three Shelley knows from first hand experience through her own health and that of her young son how important nutrition and natural foods are not only in alleviating a variety of health conditions but also in bringing flourishing health and happiness.

Shelley was educated via a friend in how to fuel her body in the right way with good nutritious food following struggles with yo-yo dieting, learning to love her body and herself as part of the process.

She latterly used that knowledge built up from her own experience and in developing her business to help one of her sons overcome ADHD.

“You can imagine how passionate as a mum or in fact anyone becomes about nutrition given what it has done for me and my family and now my business!”

no-more-excuses-4Shelley’s company, located on Prescot Road in the suburbs of Liverpool began with the aim of helping families obtain healthy, naturally delicious meals and treats through her own unique recipes and knowledge.
Such has been the extent of her success, she is now reaching out to businesses across the city who lack the time and supply of nutritious natural breakfasts, lunches and dinner.

“It’s been a momentous year and we’ve built up a strong client base particularly amongst the general public. Our aim now is to continue more recent collaborations with companies and organisations like Health at Work and Debenhams with a requirement for our products in the city. Our delivery service which already helps customers across Liverpool will now work more centrally in town as well, catering for the demands of those wanting nutritious food and in some cases combined with specific dietary requirements.
Shelley added: “More people than ever before are aware of how certain foods affect them. Giving people an alternative via e.g. no refined sugar-based sweet treats and a variety of main meal options including meal preparations, whether carnivore, vegetarian or vegan that can be gluten-free and are loaded with nutrition is proving very popular.”