Disney on Ice skating spectacular is an eggcellent Easter treat for all the family

One of the best things about being a mum, in my opinion, is being able to enjoy all your childhood favourite Disney characters again. So when I heard that Disney on Ice was skating into town, I was made up!

Off we set to the M&S Arena Liverpool to watch The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice.  This skating spectacular features a magical medley of classic and modern tales with more than 50 Disney characters including Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory, Disney’s The Lion King, Frozen, and many more!

Attending the opening VIP night, we got to pose for selfies with Snow White and Dopey and Mickey Mouse before taking our seats in the arena which was filled with excited children in their Disney outfits and waving their flashy wands – waiting for the magic to begin.

Mickie and Minnie and their chums Donald Duck and Goofy opened the show with “Bounce with the mouse, Mickey’s in the house” before taking the audience on a treasure-filled adventure through music, magic and the most amazing skating skills I’ve ever seen!

Being a connoisseur of Dancing on Ice, I was completely dazzled by their fancy footwork and recognised a few very risky and impressive skating moves, such as the infamous Headbanger, thanks to the ITV show.

What I love most about taking my kids to see a show is that for me, you can just sit back and relax and be absorbed in the performance, without being distracted by housework or Facebook gossip!

The show allowed my family and I to relive the magic and memories of our favourite Disney animated films. It took us to the Savannah where we met Simba and his pals from the Lion King,  sang Hakuna Matata, laughed at the antics of wise-cracking meerkat Timon and his windy warthog pal Pumbaa, and felt the rush of the stampede thanks to some impressive puppetry.

We whistled along to the catchy tune of Heigh Ho as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves brought the famous fairytale to life on ice, before flying on an Arabian Adventure with the hilarious Genie as he made Aladdin’s wishes come true.

Aeriel and Sebastian made a real splash dancing up a storm under the sea and we let our hair down with Rapunzel as she leaves the tower and follows her dreams.

We delved into a colourful ocean with our fishy favourites Dory, Nemo and Marline as they discovered the true meaning of family.

My daughter and her best friend loved the Disney princesses while my son was excited when “the toys were back in town” for a hoedown with Buzzlightyear, Sheriff Woody and Jessie.

But the highlight for me just had to Frozen which was emotional and powerful, not to mention, mesmerising, even if the kids were a bit embarrassed at me singing along to ‘Let it Go.’

What I really loved about the show was the fact there were plenty of opportunities for the audience to join in, and children were invited to take part in the adventure, from enjoying a magic carpet ride to helping to release lanterns into the sky.

So don’t miss this amazing show, it’s a real Easter treat for all the family.

The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice will be at M & S Bank Arena Liverpool from 17th -21st April 2019. Visit DisneyOnIce.co.uk for the show information and follow on social media:

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